Whether it comes from professors, peers or parents, criticism can be tough to deal with. We may try to shield ourselves to protect from the hurt it may cause, but some comments can really damage us emotionally. Our goal is to never let critical statements stagnant our progress, rather propel us forward. The first step is to understand where the criticism is coming from. Criticism can come from a caring and genuine place but it can also come from a place of spite. Regardless, as young people, it’s our responsibility to take a hint of truth from other people’s words and use it to the best of our abilities. 


It’s a fault to let either praise or criticism get to you. Being that you are still young, you shouldn’t let comments stick to you. There’s means to take critical words and use them to better yourself. Take the time to self reflect and think weather you heard that particular type of criticism before. If it is a repeated comment, perhaps it is something you should think about as having some validity.


Understanding that criticism does not define you as a person is important. Most criticism can actually be compliments just depending on your perspective. For instance, being called stubborn can also mean you are committed towards what you want to do. 


Ultimately, internalizing the fact that you can’t please everyone is very important. If you try, it can be very draining and cause a lot of strife in your life. You will meet people who have differing opinions and that’s completely okay. Embrace people’s opinions as their opinions and not a fact. If it is coming from someone who you trust, than use their worlds for self-reflection, not self degradation.