It goes without saying that the current global situation has shifted our perspectives on life, entertainment and the uncertainty that the future can hold.  With so many regular activities being delayed, millions of people across the world have had their routines thrown out of whack and in the process have had to readjust their lives. Boredom, a term commonly thrown around in a lighthearted sense, has become an encompassing term where people are spending more time isolated than ever before. How do you combat an untouchable lingering enemy, certainly different then anger or fear?


The first step surprisingly is to announce your boredom. If you see yourself falling into a particular set of actions, tell yourself verbally out loud that “I am bored.” Every friend likes to be acknowledged, and this is what’s needed at the right time. Recognizing your boredom patterns is a key step. Some like to browse through social media, eat or other insulating activities. The key is to find activities that put you in an active mood rather than a proactive one. Reaching out to friends, writing a letter to a loved one or watching a documentary on a topic that has interested you is a wonderful way to move with boredom. 


Boredom, although it can be taxing and frustrating, is still a privilege. Perhaps boredom brings out our real values and makes us look internally about what it is we value and what we don’t value. When you’re deciding on the right action to cure your boredom, the best way is to section your options into either ‘process’ or ‘result’ based activities. Process based activities are those that you enjoy doing, even if the output may not be exactly fruitful. As long as the activity isn’t detrimental when done too often, process activities are wonderful in staying present. Result based activities are those that you do to get a desired outcome. These activities aren’t necessarily ones that you enjoy, but should be done for a bigger picture gain. 


Boredom and patience are cousins in the time spectrum. There are moments you’re going to be bored and the patience that the feeling will pass is reassuring of better things to come. When in doubt and you feel bored, allow it in and find the right way to keep it entertained.