With the current situation going on, access to many traditional ways of staying fit are more difficult to come by. Exercise and proper nutrition are the keys to keeping a healthy mind and body and being productive towards getting closer to our goals. The stress caused by uncertainty and not having positive outlets can cause dysfunction within the body. Physical activity and relaxation are extremely valuable to protecting your health in the present and in the future. 


The World Health Organization recommends two hours and a half of moderate to intense activity a week. Getting this time in both a safe and reasonable manner are tougher now, but not impossible. Some gyms are opening up within the country and many are offering deals to get people back into their place of operation. If you don’t feel like taking the risk of working out in public, you can always take the following steps to being more active in the comfort of your home.


            Invest In Equipment


Depending on your budget, you can invest in equipment like a stationary bike, a medicine ball, free weights or even a jump rope. Having a variety of different ways to stay active within your house is a great means of staying active. A helpful tip is to keep these tools in eyesight. Constantly seeing them as a reminder to use them is a great way to be proactive about your health.


          Take Time For Short Breaks


Being active is also about being spontaneous. Take time to use what’s around you, whether it be dancing to music or playing hide and go seek with a younger sibling. Even something low intensity like gardening is still a way to stay active and ease your mind.


           Use Online Resources


With a prevalence of online classes to work out with, you can workout through Zoom or another means. The morale of working out together is a great way of staying motivated. Many of these classes are available free through sites like YouTube.


             Feed Your Body The Right Way


For optimal health, it is just as important to stay hydrated as much as it is to stay active. Drinking about three liters a day is a good average and great for the kidneys, which are tasked with cycling out the toxins in our body. Ensure that you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and stay away from overdoing too much salt, sugar and processed foods.