Perhaps a smile radiates your face when you hear it. What do you picture first? Is it the unbearable afternoon heat? Or is it the months-long vacation that you have been looking forward to the whole year? Well for the most of us, it’s definitely the latter because who dares to call UAE’s heat “enjoyable” (no judgements passed if you chose otherwise).

For the long duration of summer vacations, all one might think of is relaxing under the air conditioner while making plans that do not involve anything related to ‘studies’, ‘stress’ or ‘work’. But is it the best decision you can come up with? Sure, you can take a week or even two weeks to take all the rest you want, but it is important to use the rest of the holidays in your favour by making the most of its time.

Here’s what you can do to spend your summer wisely and guilt-freely:

  1. Meet friends and family:

We often get preoccupied by loads of work or studies endlessly during our working days, and during the weekends we may tend to sleep through it all or would rather spend it in solitude to regain that energy. What one forgets is that to recuperate your energy you don’t just need sleep or “rest”, there is no better way to make up for it by visiting family and spending some time with your friends; after all the energy we draw comes from the positivity around us!

  1. Study (or prepare) for the new academic year:

Athletes train before their tournaments endlessly to give their fullest potential. Actors practice their dialogues to perfection before their performances. So imagine the wonders students could do if they had a kickstart to their preparations ahead of the academic year? Well, here’s your cue to do so. Find the topics for the next year from your seniors or teachers and briefly cover the foundations to ace those topics for a much smoother academic year ahead!

  1. Internships:

Nowadays, there are quite many internships available to students which includes unpaid work but gives you experience and an insight into different fields. This may further help you choose a field of study that you may wish to enroll into for your higher education (especially helpful for high school students). You can even ask your employer to share a certificate that states to be a proof for your work experience which you can show to future employers or even share it in your college application.

  1. Holidays = Happiness = Hobbies:

What better time is it to pick up a new hobby?! You have more than two months all to yourself which you can use to develop new skills or hobbies. A potentially helpful set of those includes learning chess, knitting, crochet, taking up a new sport, taking membership into a new club or gymnasium, journaling, or more. There’s a lot to choose from so do so freely and make your holidays more fun!

So that concludes our list of activities you can pursue to make the most out of your summer holidays- it’s important to keep a balance in our lives and this summer we sure hope you will manage to find this ‘balance’ during these months. Happy holidays!