Ever since a missile named ‘coronavirus’ dropped on us in 2020, life has never been the same. Two years in, masks are still a thing, families and friends that were left scattered around the world, still seem to have never recovered and even otherwise, human contact seems to have lessened so it may seem impossible for a mother to comfort her child with a hug and two friends may no longer be able to help them in-person. It gets worse if the person on one end may be facing depression and the person on the other end just wishes to be there for them.

Well, here’s when there is a beam of light shining through a dark room- just because you cannot express your affection and support in person, doesn’t mean you cannot do that virtually.

There are many ways one can do that- to begin with, send care packages to them as which person doesn’t like when they receive little surprises that comfort us? Add in some of their favorite things and you might just brighten up their day! A text message to check up on them would let them know that you’re there for them too. Virtual reminders of your love to that person may give them more support than you can imagine- that too with just some words. Suggest them to hangout with mutual friends, sometimes it may be draining to socially interact with a lot of people but sometimes it may give them more of a reason to enjoy their life and witness the better parts of it. And lastly, remember to take care of yourself too. If one neglects their wellbeing, then they won’t be doing any good by caring for someone else’s.