Finding the right way to articulate our ideas is so important. We can be sitting on a wealth of knowledge and ways to help others, but if we can’t find the means to tell our vision to others, it’ll be difficult to bring these ideas into fruition. Communication is key in telling people our wants in needs. On the hierarchy of soft skills, communication is the highest discipline in terms of impotence. Even if you don’t consider yourself the best communicator at the moment, there are always ways of improving your self and being weAA better at talking to others.

The first step to being a better communicator is recognizing what communication is entailing. The first step is listening acutely to what the person your communicating with is trying to say. What is their motive? What type of things inspire them? What is the core of the point they’re trying to get across? When you understand what’s being said, you’ll be better prepared to understand what to say in response.

Making sure to be receptive of the feedback and conversation is key. Someone’s willingness to communicate is often predicated on how much you have to listen to what they say. Once you’ve figured out what to say in response, taking into account their wants and needs in the situation, then you can figure out how to communicate it.

Keeping in mind warm body language and eye contact, make sure that when you’re speaking to annunciate yourself and speak in an appropriate and controlled tone. Keep your breathing regulated when your listening and that will calm you down to not be anxious when your having these discussions. There are no absolutes in the art of conversation, it’s built on the foundation of being considerate. Like any other skill, it all comes down to practice, persistence and a willingness to learn.