With the pandemic restrictions easing and life slowly finding its way back to the norm, tourists, and entrepreneurs from across the world are flying to the UAE to visit Expo 2020. The World’s Greatest Show is offering students and youth under the age of 18 free tickets throughout October-March to visit the different pavilions showcasing innovations to the public. We have compiled a list of some of the most exciting things for students to do to make the most of their experience at Expo 2020:

1. Participate in sporting activities from across the world – Expo 2020 has partnered with the Dubai Sports Council to offer a wide array of sports activities that will feature some of the world’s leading sports stars.

2. Visit the Emirates Pavilion and Design your own Aircraft – The Emirates pavilion offers visitors the opportunity to discover the future of aircraft design using interactive technology and sustainable materials.

3. 3D Print Your Own Snowflake – Visit the Czech Republic pavilion in the Sustainability District to learn about the wonders of 3D printing. You can even design and print your own snowflake that you can either take home or showcase at the Czech Republic’s Expo pavilion.

4. Taste Food from Around the World – Expo offers extravagant cuisines from different countries around the globe, from Italian pasta to Indian lentils and rise, Expo has it all!

5. Learn the Art of Baking at Bread Ahead – Book a spot to learn how to bake classic British treats in a domestic setting, with a team of experts at Bread Ahead.

6. Desert farm – Learn how the Desert farm practices sustainable agriculture by using three of the UAE’s most abundant resources – the sun, sea, and sand.