“When information becomes cheap, attention is expensive”

It is harder than ever for us as students to keep track of everything we see online. It is even harder to get other students to pay attention to what you have to say. Today, we need different tools and methods to improve student engagement. Here are some few ways we think that you might find useful the next time you want students to rally up or stand behind something:

  1. Students hate missing out on something, especially when it comes to exclusive information/product. Capitalize on that.
  2. Studies show the millennial generation have legitimate phobias when they separated from their mobile devices. Make sure your platforms and ideas are accessible through such devices to maintain reach and engagement.
  3. You want to make any event or moment more exciting for young people? The answer is one word: food.
  4. Novelty is a synonym for interesting when it comes to students. Offer experiences that are unique, outside of the box and something they can remember for a long time.
  5. Ultimately, you don’t want new members, customers or participants. You want relationships that will last throughout the years. Paying attention to new students and integrating them into your ideas or events from the get-go, is very beneficial. This way, you are encourage repeated participation and involvement.