We are fortunate enough to live in an era where due to technology we are able to express ourselves better than ever before. Dozens of platform have come and go throughout the past two decades that have allowed transparency and for people’s voices and opinions to be heard. With the saddening statistics that overuse of social media may lead to depression, many platforms are looking for ways to curb the need to seek gratification through mediums. Earlier this year, both Twitter and Instagram announced that they would begin to hide the number of likes posts received to battle this trend. Between that and a rise in cyberbullying, social media does present some potential harms to society at large. 


However, media usage in 2019 has presented some very bright spots that indicate a brighter chapter to platforms with the turn of the decade on the horizon. The rise of Chinese based app Tik Tok took the place of now defunct Vine, rising from 2.6 million users in October 2017 to 500 million international users as of October. The app allows users to post 15 to 30 second video clips with filters and musical accompaniment. Tik Tok even ensures to go further that it’s users are protected by censoring posts that are deemed seriously offensive. 


The rise of Tik Tok also gives way for marketers to create original content themselves and engage with their consumers. According to Smartinsights.com, an estimated 90 percent of social media users reach out to companies about their products and services. From this, roughly a quarter find ways to improve their operations. Nowadays where competitive equity is so cutthroat, engaging with your audience is so key. It’s no longer an option for companies to provide healthier product, it’s now a need. 


No longer want to wait to engage online? With the rise of Facebook Live, Instagram Live and YouTube Live a means of instant expression is now readily available. According to Awario.com, viewing hours of live video content rose 65 percent from 2017 to 2018 and is expected to readily increase as time progresses. Live is a great way for people, especially young creatives, to show their steps to make their product or speak directly to fans. Regardless of which social media site your keen towards, using it as a way to express yourself takes initiative and courage. As media continues to innovate, make sure you are continuing to post what you want to post as an authentic expression of self.