The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (better known as GITEX) is an annual global tech event in UAE for a week, which has been running since decades at the Dubai World Trade Center. This month, GITEX Global 2022 took place from October 10th to October 14th and gave us various insights into the latest technological advancements around the world- from cybersecurity to mobility and fintech. Here are some of the major highlights of this season’s GITEX.



For the second time GITEX  Global partnered with Unipreneur for GITEX Youth X at North Star where Youth and students from different countries where given a chance to learn and showcase their talent by interacting with inspiring leaders across the globe. The 4 days events comprises of panel discussions/speeches from industry leaders and Academia and it also showcase the finalist of UAE hackathon and the Grand Finale of the Arab AI & IOT Challenge.


The Flying Car

If you haven’t heard about the Xpeng X2 flying car at GITEX, you certainly have been living under a rock. From fiction to reality, this latest invention soars our list for the incredible invention that leaves us in awe as to what the future holds. The carbon fiber vehicle can travel at speeds surpassing 130 kilometers per hour with two passengers and can fly for around 30 minutes per charge. Although X2 is still in its prototyping stage, it is not long before flying cars will be zooming above us on a busy weekday, particularly estimated by 2024.


Autonomous Taxis

Yes, you heard it right- after self-driving Tesla cars taking place into the limelight, Dubai has stepped up its game with the display of autonomous or driverless taxis ‘Cruise Origin’ as demonstrated by the Roads and Transport Authority. The driverless taxis phenomenon is set to be made available next year, setting the benchmark yet higher for competitors in the field.


HoloLens 2

Since many years, Microsoft has never failed to amaze the world with the inventions that it brings time and time around. This year, Microsoft released the HoloLens 2 which is the latest type of virtual reality headsets, characterized to give its users a chance to explore a never-before-like experience into viewing destinations before physically travelling themselves, using Metaverse technologies. Speaking of which…



The 42nd edition of GITEX 3.0, which incorporates seven different technical topics in the realm of metaverses, is the most important version. The TMRW Foundation, in collaboration with Dicentra Land and GITEX Global 2022, will launch the X-Verse event, the world’s most immersive metaverse experience, which will include 28 experimental brands.


Global DevSlam

Programming is perhaps one of the most driven skills an individual needs in today’s world. At GITEX Global 2022, Global DevSlam took place to feed to the knowledge of aspiring and current developers in Middle East. The youngest programmer in the world, Kautilya Katariya, took it onto himself to educate others about Computational Complexity.


If you have attended this year’s GITEX Global, tell us in the comments of what intrigued you the most. And if you didn’t… well, it’s all set for next year’s GITEX, stay tuned for more and make yourself available for the event in 2023!