Five Signs that you are a student who studied in Dubai

No Cultural Barrier

If you were a student in Dubai, then culture and country difference is probably blurred for you. Sitting in a class with people from 10 different places, cultural barriers don’t exist. You can strike up a conversation with anyone even if they are from a country that’s not so friendly with yours back home.

English is just like your mother tongue

You are fluent and comfortable with speaking English just as you are with your mother tongue. Maybe you speak English better than your mother tongue. With having friends from various places and English being the only common language you are able to communicate with, it becomes second nature to you.

Rain = no class

UAE being a place that is as dry as a desert (wait….this is a desert). It is HEAVENLY even when a single drop of rain falls. Be it a light drizzling or pitter patter, you scream in joy. And it only gets better when the next day Dubai is flooded and schools are called off. There is nothing much as joyous as rain…because what could be better than cold weather and no school?

Lunch at School? You mean snacks.

With schools only being till one or two in the afternoon, you can never get the concept of having a full-course lunch at school. Of course you eat too….like potato chips (Probably Oman chips)….or a small pizza (from the canteen)….or a bottle of juice. The concept of a huge meal at school is alien to you. If you grew up in Dubai that means your lunch was all about snacks and less about meals.

Arabic words are part of your conversation

This one goes without saying. Being in an Arabic country, having Arabic friends and teachers and Arabic subtitles in almost all movies, you are bound to pick up words and they definitely make it in your conversation even if you don’t speak fluent Arabic. “Habibi” “Sah?” “La” all are part of your everyday word and people might even come to think you speak so well because you use it almost all the time.