Five Signs That You Love Your Major

Choosing a major in college is one of those pressuring, life-changing moments. No exaggeration, it really is life changing. But even if you do get in the major you didn’t really want you tend to either grow to enjoy it or you change it. There are a lot of signs that shows that you are dislike your major but here are the signs that shows that this is the major that is meant for you. The “one” you’ve been seeking.

1) Assignments and Project briefs don’t freak you out.

There is that one assignment that always makes us scream, pull our hair and wholly make us give up on life but if you love your major you will notice that assignments don’t freak you out. Some might make you frown but it definitely doesn’t make you scream and often times than not you’ll find yourself enthusiastic to do it and see the final product and sometimes even be proud of your work.

2) Your grades are good.

Unlike School were you had to struggle and study 24/7 to get that 85 or 90%, in college you don’t really have to do that. You automatically know your answers (at least some of them). Your head doesn’t break when you study and you don’t often go “I don’t understand this sh*&!” You know your way through your subjects, you understand what you read and you don’t have to put extra pressure into scoring good marks.

3) Your answers are positive

Even if you are in the verge of sinking below your assignments, exhausted to the point of falling down, your answer, when someone asks you if you like your major or not, is always “I love what I’m doing.” It can be the toughest job on the planet and even stress you out but even in between all that chaos you’ll find yourself enjoying what you are doing.

4) Good relationship with professors

You find yourself in a good relationship with your professors, enjoy their lectures and even have casual chit chats. You don’t have to be the best student in class or be the brightest student. If you love your major and like your lectures your professors will come to like you and vice versa. A good relationship starts forming.

5) You like your internship

Internships are part of your major. They are that stepping stone that guides you to your job and you’ll find yourself enjoying your internship if you love your major. It might be hectic but nevertheless you have your fun and at the end your satisfied and without complains.