Through our journey in life, it’s only natural that we have shortcomings and fallbacks. This is inevitable in life, especially if we are reaching for great things. During the current pandemic, we’ve witnessed plans falling through and things that seemed so guaranteed become more uncertain than ever before. With the small hiccups we make, it’s only normal to get frustrated and even give up on our goals that we once held so dearly to us. The most successful people slip up, our favorite athletes, entertainers and corporate moguls. What sets them apart is how quickly they’re able to bounce back from their habitual breaks. You don’t need unbelievably strong will or a multitude of options. What you really need is the formation of better habits to get back on your feet. With all this being said, here are six great ways to get right back on track.

                    Keep your environment designed for success

Surrounding yourself with the right tools and space that facilitates your personal success is vital. Finding out what works for you through experimentation is vital. Do you need to wake up to motivational posters? Or are your necessary tools for success visible at all times? This also includes the people that you keep in your environment; are they the type of people that are helping you towards your goals, and vice versa?


                        Care about what you do

When you have trials in life, it’s normal to feel down and unmotivated. Through this dark period, it can be hard to see what is needed for you and what is necessary; everything might seem like a chore. When you fall back, you usually have less than before. This is an opportunity to get more insight into what really matters to you. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so committing your time and efforts towards what is important to you is vital.


                   Focus on what you can handle


Sometimes we get way too broad of a view of what lies ahead. When this happens, its best to zoom in on what is really feasible at the moment. For example, if you want to be a pilot, you can’t get behind the wheel in a matter of months. But what you can do is do what you can in the moment. When things aren’t going exactly the right way repeat the following in your head; “I can work with this.”


              Have people that expect from you


Expectations are a two way street. They can be equally as helpful as they are a hindrance. When you have people around you to keep you honest, that’s vital to getting back from a setback. When people believe in you, and know what you are capable of, this is important to help you move further in your progression.


          Stick to a schedule


It’s not a big deal if you miss one activity that you scheduled. It’s the cumulative momentum of doing what you said you would consecutively. When you’ve got a schedule to keep you on track, you can keep yourself honest and track your progress. It is the continual following of the schedule that will allow you to thrive; find a way to stick to the schedule, no matter how minute it may seem