Coming to a conclusion of 2020, which has truly been a trying year for many of us across the world, gives us more time to spend doing what the majority of us were doing with our time, reflecting. Whether it was mentally reflecting, or watching the reflection of your favorite YouTube personalities, we all were reflecting in our own way. For many of us, the movies, media, games and gadgets all offer a degree of escapism, which is well needed for the difficult times that the global pandemic presented to us in March. It’s beautiful to watch the way the general public responds to new technological advancements, and many of these keep us productive and connected to a world that seemed to shut down for a period of time. These are a few of the gadgets that came out in 2020 that we’re thankful for & look forward to utilizing for a brighter tomorrow.


                                   Google Nest Audio

While maybe not the best sounding speaker on the market, Google’s name keeps the leverage to push products onto the market. It is definitely a step in the right direction from Google Home, in terms of both design and user functionality. Coming with Google Assistant  and retailing at less than 400 DHS, it’s an affordable option for a small home speaker.


                                                          Oculus Quest 2

Virtual Reality is the next user tech innovation that will drive the future of automation and innovation. This particular offering, coming from the same minds as Facebook, is a great way to “travel from home” and have more personal family calls than through Zoom. Not too expensive, comfortable to wear and offering a very high resolution, this is a fantastic building block for the future of virtual reality.


                                      Microsoft Surface Headphones 2

Staying on brand, these headphones from Microsoft provide a great user experience with great sound quality and a sleek, durable design as well. With noise cancelling technology and a great battery life, these are the perfect pair to take to the gym or on a long vacation.


                                                      Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

With a unique design, these buds are shaped more like beans than anything else. With the competition from the Airpods, these pair have definitely had to fight for second fiddle on the global market. The great thing about their shape is they fit very well in your ear, deliver a great quality sound and have a more affordable price tag than their competitors.


                                                                       IPhone SE

Surprising to some, and common to others, is the fact that Apple put out 5 different designs of their IPhone. For the techies, the camera features a 12-megapixel camera, fantastic battery life and an A13 Bionic chip. Also, with the return of Touch ID, this sleek design is enough to bring those who are anti Apple into the IPhone family.