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With the rise of popularity and competition of sports and esports (i.e., electronic sports; sport games played online/on the computer) amongst the youth, it is time to give the talented youth a chance they deserve. StudentsEra presents sports and esports scholarships for students across the UAE which shall be awarded through esports and sport events. With the driven belief that sports (including esports) can pave the way to success for college, this scholarship given by StudentsEra will prove to be beneficial to the talented individuals who shall win the events.


The sports events StudentsEra aims to host:

Football Event.
Basketball Event.

The esports events StudentsEra aims to host:



The launch for this program will be held in early summer 2023 and advertised to students across the nation.
Before the launch, StudentsEra shall be ready with the list of universities who are on board with this

Throughout the summer, the series of sports and esports events shall be held. The events have been specified


After the events/ contests have ended, winner(s) shall be selected based on the outcome of those events solely.
The winner(s) shall receive the scholarships from the partnered universities.

Scholarship awards

The scholarship award that the winner shall receive will be for the fall (September) semester from the partnered  –

How it works

Application Process

  • Interested students can apply through our website.
  • Fill out the application form with personal details and
    academic background.
  • Select the sport or game you excel in and provide
    relevant information.
  • Prepare a portfolio showcasing your skills and
  • Include performance records, tournament results, or
    videos demonstrating your abilities.

Selection and Result Announcement

  • The selection committee will review the portfolios.
  • Evaluation based on skill level, achievements, potential,
    and dedication.
  • Scholarship recipients will be notified via email or phone

Next Steps

Fill out the application form below.
Gather and showcase your portfolio materials.
Stay tuned for the announcement of the scholarship recipients.

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