Just as much as the current pandemic has shifted the traditional office working space, people who make a living off of speaking to audiences through conferences, panels and workshops have had to adjust their approach. Audiences are wary of large crowds more than ever, and the energy exchange between speaker and listeners doesn’t exist as strongly as it once did, especially through the means of virtual conferences. Even if you aren’t on Tony Robbins or Oprah Winfrey’s level quite yet, your internship, class or job may require you to present information virtually sometime soon. These are practical ways in which you can become the best online speaker possible. 


                                Keep it short and sweet

One thing that we are subconsciously aware of is that the ambiance at physical speeches can often be just as entertaining as the speaker itself. Keeping that bit of listener psychology in mind, audiences have a shorter attention span when it comes to information given online. Think about them consuming Youtube videos of cats when timing the length of your presentation. Their minds are hardwired to think that technological information should be quick and easy to consume. A good trick to use if you think your presentation is a little too lengthy is cut it’s timing by a third.


                              Address the individual

A surprisingly helpful tip is to switch up your pronoun game. Rather than using the terms “everyone” or “you all,” try talking to each person directly by emphasising the use of “you.” Since your audience is tuning in individually, they will be able to relate directly and stay more connected to your message. If the “you” gets too stale, switch it up to “we” when necessary and create the group dynamic needed to tie people to the information you are delivering. 


                                   Preparation is the key to your success

Just like a typical speaking engagement, take time to familiarize yourself with your audience. This will help with the terminology you use. Keep it as direct as possible, you can only share as much information as listener’s knowledge will allow them to  handle. The preparation also comes in regard to the technical part. Take the time to make sure your software is upgraded, devices charged and presentation is running smoothly.

              Follow through with information

The advantage to doing an online seminar is there is a seamless transition into the follow up. At the end of your presentation, make sure you follow through with a call to action, whether it be to subscribe to a social media page, a link where they can do further research on your topic of speech or even your personal information to keep the connection solid. 


Being a stellar speaker has never been as important as it is now. Take the time to seize this opportunity and make the most of it.