Whether you are in the British, Indian, American or German school system, test taking time can be an anxiety-riddled experience. We would imagine that this would be lessened by having exams online, easily having access to information, without the pressure of a “test taking” environment. A good tip is to be organized when you start. Be aware of the time you should be ready for the test, make sure you are mentally prepared and aware of the format in which the test will be presented. Always keep a line of communication open with your instructor if you have any questions or concerns as you move forward. 

Preparation is the key to success, so it goes without saying to check your computer and see if everything is charged and working properly. Make sure to check your internet connection is steady so you won’t have any interruptions. Keep one browser open to take the test and the other to search up relevant information.


If you’ve got time to prepare, try to take a few pre-tests to familiarize yourself with the information and get in the mindset of test taking. A good method to use is to call a friend while you take a practice test and see if your information matches up. Try quizzing each other and asking questions to make sure the both of your have a firm understanding of the information. Even if the test is an open book one, try to understand what will be coming on the exam as best as possible. That way you don’t have to waste time hunting for it while the test is going on, especially if it’s timed. 


When it comes to the day of the test, find a comfortable space to take the test at, free from distractions where you won’t be bothered. Make sure you have all the materials you’ll need like pens, pencils and notebooks. As you start your online test, ease yourself through the questions and don’t rush. If there’s one you’re stumped with, skip it and come back to it later. With difficult questions, use logic and process of elimination to come down to the right answer. Keep a track of time as you’re going through the test. Try and set an alarm 10 minutes before the conclusion of the test so you know to go through and make sure every question is answered. Check and recheck you answers, submit and hope for the best. 


If there are any technical issues while you’re taking your test, make sure to let your teacher or professor know ahead of time. Good luck on your exams and be sure to try your best!