You see a classmate of yours with their head down on the table. Maybe they haven’t been taking care of their hygiene and perhaps their grades have dropped as well. It’s human nature to ask what is going on in their head to cause them to act as such. Compassion is defined as  sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. University life is tough no doubt and we all have our ups and downs. The next logical step is to help but sometimes the tougher question can be how can we help. 


Strategy and approach is key and having a caring touch can really make a difference. Just having the sincerity to ask how someone’s day is going can go really far. How often during our lives does someone comfort us and ask how our day is going? University life is about community and being there to support one another through their ups and downs is key.


The reality is that we are all human.Our struggles make us grow in the long run but in the short term they really hurt and can cause blockades in our own lives. Whenever you see someone having a bad day, you never really know how far a smile can go. Compassion is truly a cure to so many ills of university life and society at large.