Campus’s life is a very surreal experience for a student as he just made a transition from college to a university. The student must embark on this new journey of life afresh, i.e. without his old friends, teachers to support and the whole world expecting him to be more mature and bring more meaning to his life as he just entered university: a new phase where he will decide his own course of life through his choice of subjects and his dedication which will determine his future whether it will be bleak or bright.

In this manner, his campus life will be a very influential force on this young individual as he will now have to start new in terms of making new friends, roommates and if he likes to socialise with his mentality’s social club which has many leanings from political to literature to theatre. Below are four things to do have an awesome campus life.

1) Make the right set of friends

College is a different world from school. It’s more free and relaxed. Making the right set of friends count. It’s how your college life becomes a time full of wonderful memories. It’s okay if you didn’t get your people in the first go. Happens to everyone. And the best things in life come with patience. Good friends in college have a tendency to stay with you longer in life.

2) Don’t be hell-bend on finding yourself a cute gf/bf

Some people have an inclination to view college as a dating camp. Unless you really find someone that you want to seriously spend the rest of your life with, don’t waste your time looking for a significant other or someone to “date”. College is all about having the time of your life with your friends and polishing yourself to find a successful career. Stick to them. Dating is not your first priority. Your degree is. These three to five years is, as saddening as it sounds, a time that will never repeat again. Make use of it by giving your all into a secure future, and unbreakable bonds of friends. Don’t give them up just to find a girlfriend/boyfriend that was just a “thing of the moment”.

3) Don’t Stress. Do your best. Forget the rest.

College and university are popular for giving assignments that are neck deep. You’ll be sleeping in it, swimming in it and drowning in it. Trust me. I know. But otherwise it’s fun and parties (not really but I think you get my point). Classes are important but it doesn’t hurt to skip a class or two just to have fun with your friends as long as it doesn’t affect your attendance and scores badly. And don’t believe anyone who says they haven’t done it. Everyone does it. I do it, my friends do it, my cousins do it and you will probably too. Don’t let that stress you. It’s part of your college life and once you graduate it’s those wonderful moments that you spend with your friends that will become precious memories. Not your perfect test scores and definitely not your perfect attendance. If anyone else tells you otherwise drag them into the fun.

4) Professors are not all that scary

That’s right. Professors are not scary. Not all of them anyway. Studying in college means you are no longer a confused teenager. You are a young adult that is capable. Professors know this and they don’t want to always keep an eye on you or tell you what to do like you eighth grade teacher. Forming good relationships with them means smoother college life. You’ll be surprised to find that these professors can become your friends and wonderful mentors.

Campus life is a great experience, a transition of a boy to a man, it teaches the student the essentials of life in that four years of his stay in the university campus. It’s a very important chapter of any student that he will be indebted to and will borrow solutions from these experiences. Campus life inspires thousands of students each year to do something great, leave a mark of their identity, it was inspiration from the university campus that led Mark Zuckerberg; founder of social media giant, Facebook, to create ‘Facebook’ where he embarked on this idea in a library.