The best way to make your student life interesting is to be interesting. Aside from focusing on your academics, why not join college clubs and participate on university activities.

5 Benefits of Joining College Clubs

1. Meet New Friends – College is another new phase of your life, where you are thrown in an environment that you are new and innocent. Through joining college clubs, you can meet new friendships with the same interest as yours. Meeting more people in college makes you feel more involved and happier.

2. Stress Relief – Joining college clubs helps manage stress. It may be an activity on top of your regular academics, but it is something you enjoy. You don’t consider this as an extra- curricular, but the time to enjoy and have fun.

3. Build network – Aside from meeting new friends, college clubs offers you the opportunity to meet new people, like club advisors and alumni. They can be a useful connection for your future internships or job hunting.

4. Skills Development – Involving yourself in college clubs develop your skills in different ways. You learn to interact and communicate with other people, manage your own group, or lead the organization. It helps you harness new skill sets that can be useful to your future endeavors.

5. Resume Builder – Organizations may be more interested on your professional background, but having some club experience written in your resume never hurts. As long as it relates to your future profession, it is something relevant to the success of your job hunting.

Best College Clubs You Can Join

1. Glee Club: An organized singing group that sings musical pieces inside or outside the campus.

2. Community Service Clubs: Offers students to work closely with the community through community volunteerism and involvement.

3. Personal Development Clubs: Supports social involvement while giving students the opportunity to meet new friends and interact with peers.

4. Professional Development Clubs: Develops student’s knowledge and skills towards a certain career path.

5. Sports Club: Involve students in specific athletic activities, where they can interact and play with other students of the same sports interest.

College clubs add spice to your college years. However, you should understand that clubs are only extra- curricular activities in school, and should not overlap with your academics.