Sometimes we downplay the power of our imagination as something childish and not very useful. However, recent research has shown how important our imagination is in leading us closer to our dreams and aspirations. Books like “Think And Grow Rich” talked about the importance of imagination in building our future lives. Imagination is tied directly to creativity; which means more than just arts and designing, but also creating our lives the way that we’d love to live. So many of us have forgotten the importance of imagination. If you continue to practice it, and put it into use, imagination will become more seamless towards your future. 

Taking time to observe the world around you is a great way to kickstart your imagination. We are often in such a rush that we don’t take the time to slow down and see the glory of nature around us. A good activity to do is to pick up a leaf or flower and observe it, looking carefully at it’s details. Opening yourself up to the possibilities of the world by saying yes more often is a great way to keep your imagination open. If we imagine ourselves like horses, saying no too often will close your blinders in life. Stay curious about what is going on around you. If there’s a section of your school building you haven’t been to yet, go check it out. If you’re curious about a certain person you haven’t spoken to yet, go check them out. If there is a subject of study that you want to learn about, go and check it out. 


Another tip to become more imaginative is to have a playful mentality. Being playful means taking the time to express yourself authentically and truly. By letting loose, and widening your imagination, your possibilities become more wide open. Don’t be attached to the results necessarily, just the process. Imagination is really tied to your self-image. You can widen your source and learn more beyond just the classroom by having a fuller sense of self-perception.