As a young person, finding righteous guidance can be murky waters. There are people out there who seek to exploit, while others seek to inspire and uplift. Differentiating between the two is a conscious decision and should be made at one’s own discretion. Asking questions like who is providing this advice and what might their motive possibly allow us to sort through the sea of information into smoother sailing.


The best advice when looking at advice is to take it with a grain of salt. Everyone will have their own path in life, based upon where they want to end up at. Knowing your destination is the quickest way to figuring out how to get there. What better way is there to learn from someone else’s experiences and avoid the snarls they fell into on the way to their idea of success. A successful life is a full and wholesome one, where you are present and living in your purpose. We as humans have the power to dictate this and have the power of free will to get to where we need to.


As the common saying goes, an unexamined life isn’t a fruitful life. Taking the time to be self aware and observant is a key in changing direction, pivoting and constantly staying on track to your own definition of fulfillment. 


Here are 9 fundamental truths that may change the course of your life.

  1. Failure usually precedes great success
  2. Being productive and being busy are not mutually exclusive
  3. Those whom your associate with show how good you are
  4. You are now living the life that you created
  5. The number one source of regret is fear
  6. Allow yourself to forgive and don’t wait for an apology
  7. Live in the moment
  8. Self worth comes from within
  9. Change is inevitable, embrace it