One of the toughest things to do in college other than finals week, deadlines and managing your social and academic life is….money! That’s right. Money! Everywhere you go it’s always money, money, money. Be it buying food for yourself at your university cafeteria, buying for that broke friend in your university cafeteria, spending money when you guys hang out (which is almost 5 times a month), it’s always money. Looks like our seniors and elders forgot to tell us about that part. So here are some tips you can follow to manage your money while having the time of your life.

1. Know where your money is

While you are aware of the price of that object your buying and where your money goes make sure you always know where your money is and where it comes from. Don’t go buying a 90 bucks something when you only have a 100 in your pocket. Biggest mistake. Keep a count of that cash. Plan when you’ll be getting your next salary from that part time job or when you’ll be getting your pocket money. Spend, but don’t just throw your cash in the air.

2. Credit cards are not your unlimited cash

While credit cards give you a major relief from your everyday problems and that time when you suddenly learned you don’t have a penny in your pocket, the reality of credit cards are harsher than it seems. They lure you in and shrink you dry with loans. The more you purchase from it the more you go in debt. Credit cards are good for that instant money spending but don’t get used to it and don’t use it to buy that 20 bucks meal only because you have 30 bucks in your wallet. Credit cards are not your best friends.

3. Money saving apps

Apps are amazing. Helpful gifts of technology. So delete those photo editing apps and install ones that can save your money. Apps that have offers on prices. Your friends and you are the movie going types? Then download that app which has offers and saves money for tickets. Install ones that gives you half price vouchers and tickets and so on. Apps help your daily life. It helps your money too.

4. Those Vouchers

Your wallet filled with food vouchers, dress vouchers and god-knows-what-vouchers that you want to throw out? Don’t. Use them. They save money too. Get food vouchers and coupons for clothes. Get those buy one get one free coupons. You have no idea how much they can save. You need to gift than one friend a present for their coming birthday? Treat them with your food vouchers. Get them clothes using those buy one get one free coupons. You won’t regret it.

5. Those instant job offers

What quick way to make money than those two-day job offers that suddenly comes your way. It might only be a 500 bucks but those can be cash for your daily meals or for the petrol in your car. Do those jobs, make money. It helps a lot.

6. Keep emergency money

Always, always remember to keep emergency cash. Be it 10 bucks or 20 bucks. Keep it. One thing about being independent is you need to know what to save- be it the last 5% of your phone battery power of the last 10 bucks in your wallet. You need to keep emergency cash. You might not know when your car engine has a break down or you suddenly figure out the amount of cash is not enough. That emergency bit of cash can save your life.

7. Return your debts

Friends are a powerful force of nature. Especially when they lend you money. But don’t take them for granted. Don’t keep borrowing until you have a debt of 200 bucks and they suddenly ask you to return them when your wallet and pockets only has moths inside it. Borrowing cash is a great way to strengthen a friendship but it must be done both ways. Balance it, return it and you’ll find a way in a desperate time of need. Return your debts, don’t be a that one stingy friend in the circle.