With quarantine keeping us stuck to our screens more so than ever, the time is now to embrace your inner anime fandom. For those unacclimated to the world of Japanese cartoonship, the scene can seem quite overwhelming. Do I watch the episode about the adorable animal people or the samurai from the year 2400?

First and foremost is realizing that these series are not a monolith. Just like shows that are not animated, there is a lot of variety in choosing the right anime for yourself. If you want to get started, or are already a seasoned anime advocate, here are some great shows, all currently available on Netflix.


Human-like animals live in a peaceful world to the outside, but within trouble is brewing between two factions. A show about finding identity and the unique ways in which comradery can be formed.

Death Note

The protagonist Light Yagami finds an old notebook that he soon discovers has the power to bring an untimely end to someone’s life should he write their name in it. The series goes through a variety of twists and turns, involving detectives, demons and a recluse child prodigy.


If you’re a fan of fighting and violence, this is the one for you. A man has a spell cast on him where he wakes up with a lizard head, as he navigates getting his memory loss and the casms of a place called “The Hole.”

FullMetal Alchemist

If you ask any anime fan for a recommendation, they’re more than likely going to refer to this one. And luckily for you, all 64 episodes are available on line. The two main characters are brothers who, due to practicing unlawful alchemy, lose parts of their bodies. The series follows them on their quest to get them back.

Great Pretender

This is a series with an imaginative lens on the lives of scammers and swindlers, taking place across Japan, the United States and France. With lively aesthetics, this is a great show to learn about finessing.


For the sports fans, this is an intense depiction of the intense world of high school volleyball. Two former rivals are forced to join forces on the same team, trying to put their differences aside to win

One Punch Man

The story of an anti-hero is done differently in this show. Saitama has the ability to defeat any opponent with one punch. Although this seems ideal, he’s become bored and has a blank expression on his face. Ultimately, it comes down to him finding his purpose as a hero.