As a planet, we’re moving in on six-months under the siege of the current global pandemic. Through it all, we’ve had to stay versatile and adapt to the uncertainty that the days can bring. People and outlets have written think pieces, articles and videos all giving ways to ‘overcome’ the dreariness that comes with the pandemic. While it isn’t impossible to beat it, or simply ignore the world around us, finding practical ways to refresh ourselves and keep mentally healthy are very important. Some of us may have adopted certain techniques, and some have reached a point where they are uncertain about how much longer they can stay active during this challenging situation.


If you are one of these people, or know someone that is going through it, here are some practical characteristics to focus on to help get over this hurdle and continue to grow and develop. 


                                               Have An External Compass

Rather than just focusing on our own problems, having a greater scope of the world and environment around us is important to give us perspective.


                                                  Solve Simple Problems 

Take time to solve simple problems that are easy to fix. Cleaning, straightening up or even reaching out to friends are all practical ways to build momentum.


                                                    Learn To Inspire

While certain people try to push people hard, try and pull people in by inspiring and motivating. Do more things that are exciting to you and that enthusiasm will spread to others.


                                                      Hold Yourself Accountable

Knowing that things around you aren’t perfect, holding yourself accountable for what you are in control of will give you a sense of identity and ground you.


                                                         Have High Standards

Raise your bar for what you expect from yourself. Knowing what your potential is is very important to guide what you’re actually able to do.


                                                          Personalize Your Vision

With the time we do have available, now is an excellent time to center yourself on what really matters to you authentically.