No matter what your medium is, and no matter what your plan is to get there, being productive is key to not spinning your own wheels. Seeing the fruits of our labours in both the present and the past is very important in being a producer and continuing to be one. Techniques and strategies are not enough to reach your goals just quite. Luckily, in the digital age we inhabit, there are many tools that can help us to be much more productive. Even more luckily, many of them are on phones we carry with us each day. Here are 6 must-have applications that will help you become more productive this Fall.


 Actions: Actions is a task manager that helps students to stay organized



Loop- Habit Tracker: Helps you to form good habits with alarms and reminders to keep you on top of your game


Forest: Manage time and get over your phone addiction, all while helping plant trees across the globe


Todoist: Helps you keep track of deadlines and prioritise tasks


Pocket: Allows you to save web pages for future reading in the form of a feed


Clockify: A time tracking application to enhance productivity