Exams weeks can be stressful for students, but knowing how to prepare properly can be a key to avoid stress. Below are 5 ways to make your exams easy.

Prepare beforehand

“Failing to plan means planning to fail.” How many times were you in a situation where the outcome could have been better if you had prepared adequately? Preparation is always of key importance when studying. It separates you from the rest of the crowd and good preparation will always reflect on your work.

Find the marking/assessment criteria

Understanding what is required from you will also give you a huge advantage when studying. To understand what is required, have a look at the module syllabus and find the assessment criteria. Usually, your teachers will give you information regarding what exactly they are looking for in the exam. This will benefit you immensely as it will clarify exactly what you need to do. Read and understand it as best as you can. Be sure to find ways to implement it in your assessment. It will reflect.


As cliche as it sounds, practice makes perfect. Every time you practice something, you get a bit better at it every time. Failing, or not doing well the first time, does not mean that you aren’t good enough. It simply means you have to put in the practice to become more skilled. With practice comes ease and you will find that each time you repeat what you are trying to do, you will find ways to be better. Success doesn’t come easy so work hard and practice.

Get feedback from your peers and teachers

Although it may seem daunting, constructive criticism is not a negative thing. Once you feel you are satisfied with your work, allow a good friend or teacher review your work. A friend will be able to look at your work and correct errors you may not have noticed. It will also be less daunting if you are not comfortable with reviewing your work with the teacher. However, allowing your teacher to review your work will be extremely beneficial as they will be able to use their expert knowledge to correct any mistakes. They are here to help you so take advantage of them.

Believe in yourself

Most importantly, you must believe in yourself. Believing in yourself will give you confidence that will allow you to be calm during the assessment. Panicking and fearing for the worst is detrimental and can have a negative impact on your work. Confidence also reflects in writing and the person who is marking your work will be attracted to this. Work hard and believe in yourself and you will not be disappointed.