Beyond the knowledge, know how and technical skills that we learn in the classroom, we also learn important soft skills that will impact how our futures are dictated. Beyond simply interacting with other people, there are a myriad of things we learn through experience and growth that affect how we frame the world and deal with the problems it presents us with.


Critical thinking is the process of objectively looking at a scenario or circumstance and coming to a conclusive judgement. The wonderful thing about critical thinking, and the human mind in general, is the power of insight into situations that we don’t have the experience to come to a judgement. This factors into our empathy and emotional wiring as well. For example, seeing someone carrying eight bags in an inefficient way. Our empathetic sense will feel for that person struggling carrying the bags. Our critical thinking aspect will analyze a smarter way that the person can carry the bags, even if we aren’t the ones doing it.

Here are some observations to come to a conclusion that you are indeed a critical thinker:

                                    You’re Never Done Learning 

How far is the moon? Who invented the wheel? When will Beyonce’s next album come out? If you are the type who is constantly asking questions, then more than likely you are a critical thinker. Inquisition is the way that you reach conclusions and figure out a very layered world.

                                    You’re Willing To Listen To Opposing Views

If you are the type to listen out both sides of a story, that shows you don’t have a bias. Being unbiased allows you to listen and learn in a holistic view. Even if you may not agree with everything on either side, being able to hear out both sides is a great sign of a critical thinker.

                                     You’re All For A Debate

If you like to talk out issues in a healthy setting that doesn’t end in a shouting match, than you are most likely a critical thinker. Critical thinkers like testing their theories out with other people and listening to both sides.

                                         Google Is Your Best Friend

Constantly checking the Internet for answers to your questions is a guaranteed way that you are a critical thinker. Whether its looking for the definitions of words or reading articles online, you love to search for sources and get to the bottom of things.

                                    You Are Never Completely Happy With An Answer

Your questions and inquiries are never an ultimate end all to your search. If anything, the answers you get will only fuel your search to get further along on your journey of knowledge.