If this year has taught us anything, it’s that happiness is not very easy to come by. Especially in times of uncertainty and isolation with the current situation, finding newer ways to stay happy and fulfilled in our lives is more of a challenge day by day. It’s been a year of plans being changed; students who craved the social aspects of a university experience have been shorted. In retrospect, a lot of the things we once took for granted have been taken from our lives currently. There is a silver lining from it all, and it comes from the power and free will of choice. Happiness is a choice and isn’t as connected to the shininess that our lives may appear to have. 


Rather, it’s about a sense of wholeness and well-being that we cultivate internally. Just like any other skill or mindset, happiness must be developed and kept in fortitude by doing things and being in circumstances that make us look on the brighter side of life. No matter what may be going on, we are all deserving of the little reliefs of life: a movie that makes us feel great, a warm connection with a friend or family member or the comfort of our favorite blanket. Here are some tips on how to cultivate a deeper sense of happiness and make life more brighter.


Say “Yes” to Surprises 


We can often times get so caught up in the hubble of expectations and lofty goals that we are stuck in our ways. Stubbornness and the efficiency it can provide are great tools to getting this accomplished. However, it takes spotenanity to add spice to our lives. Make a pact with yourself or a friend to join a hobby club, learn a new language, try a new restaurant or spark up a conversation with someone you find interesting. You never know the fruits that saying yes could bear.


Treat Yourself


As a youth, it’s easy for money to go in and out of our lives as we are still developing value systems and a healthy relationship with money. Take time to track where and how you spend most of your time and ask yourself “how can I help myself in this aspect?” If you’re someone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen, maybe invest in an orthopedic chair or funky UV glasses. Making a smart choice in the present compounds for your future, just like money. 


Commit To a Small Acts Of Kindness


Sometimes it’s not the great shows of gratitude that are needed. A call, card or thoughtful gift all carry enormous weight in a society where so much emphasis is placed on self. You don’t even have to purchase anything, hold the door open for a stranger or ask someone helping you out about how their day & family are doing. Simple acts of kind consideration go far in a world of hustle and bustle. 


Help Others


The saying “it’s better to give than to receive” still goes far in life. Sometimes, we struggle with asking for help because it may make us seem incapable or less than perfect. Use this as a positive advantage, a means to ask others if they need any help. Being authentic in your offering is a great way to be a good friend and reliable companion in people’s lives. Helping the community by picking up trash or feeding local cats are 2 great ways you can do what you can and help people out.