The practice of mixing pictures and words in the same piece has been done all across the world for centuries. Even if we were to examine hieroglyphics with pictures of pharaohs from thousands of years ago, the foundation of comics (and even some of the comic archetypes) have been laid quite long ago. During the 19th century, comics became more reginalized, and each part of the world put their own spin on it. Japan and parts of Asia created manga, the United States began pioneering their own style, as did many other parts of the world. Decades later, comics have continued to be a staple in the way artists choose to express themselves. Here are five current headlines from around the world that involve comics.

English professors strive for comics, graphic novels in curricula (The Union)

Mattew Cheung, an English professor at El Camino College in California has made plans to incorporate graphic novels and comics into the curriculum. Popular releases like “V For Vendetta” and “Watchmen.” would be studied in the course. Neighboring universities have already introduced curriculum like this into their class offering, but ECC would be one of the first community colleges in California to do so. The class is expected to be finalized by Fall 2021.

Grade 3 students create comics about immigrant stories (CIC News)

Using the online comic design tool Pixon, Grade 3 students in metro Toronto were able to turn their families’ stories of immigration into comic books. Students were asked to interview people in their family and reimagine the narratives into comics. One student wrote about her grandfather’s immigration from Yugoslavia. Another wrote about his mother’s journey from Hong Kong to work as a nurse. 

DC cancels over 20 comics from their upcoming schedule (


Due to the current global pandemic, DC has announced they will be cutting back on their planned releases. The two types of comics, facsimile and dollar comics will be halted as the company finds new ways to adapt. Among planned releases were new editions of Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. In the meantime, digital only editions have been released including Teen Titans and Batman: The Adventures Continue.

Marvel celebrates the return of it’s comics in a new video (Screenrant)

On May 27th, Marvel released a video on it’s YouTube page featuring nearly a dozen creators celebrating the day as New Comic Book Day. With delivery of comics halted, Marvel and nearly all comic distributors faced an uphill challenge. Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski states in the video that “(It’s) a really weird world outside our window these days. But I just know that the heart and the heroism you find in the pages of Marvel Comics is going to brighten all of our days.” 


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