Our thoughts and actions are grounded in our belief in ourselves. What we believe we are capable of achieving is typically what we will achieve. Our sense of self is based off a variety of things including our upbringing, those that are in our circle and what we are exposed to in the media. Sense of self is one battle that must be tackled within, a constant struggle that shifts as we mature and grow older. Sense of self goes deeper than our preferences in music, movies and food. It is the perception of oneself, the engine in the car that pushes us towards our goals. Here are three brief hints to help you build a better sense of self and purpose.


  1. Heal your past trauma


Taking the time to reflect on your shortcomings can be a painful process. Those awkward interactions and disappointments can be difficult to mull over, but often by thinking about these times we can grow as a person. By taking time to have closure over your past failures we can heal our wounds and move forward as a more complete human being. Try not to run from the past, rather use them as a means to move forward.


  1. Reaffirm your value


From the outside looking in, it can be difficult as a young person to really pinpoint what it is your purpose is. By continually following your passion you can often find your purpose. Make efforts to practice affirmations such as “I believe in myself” and “I am continually searching for my value within myself.” Rewiring your brain to think more positively about yourself can cause more results if you are consistent with them.


  1. Know what and who to attach yourself to 


We live in an era where our attention is constantly being vowed for. The toughest question we have to answer is how do we know what we should be involved in. Our investments should be smart investments of our energy. Any relationship or project we involve ourselves in should be purposeful.  The sad truth is that a lot of our attachments will not be as fruitful as we imagine. It is through constant learning that we figure out what’s the best way to spend our time and we figure out how to navigate and become our best selves.