Creativity Improves “Learning” Improves Creativity


By increasing awareness to a certain percent, say 5-10%, barriers of lack of communication
can be taken down between students.

Promote self-expression and cross-cultural community formation.

Become a primary catalyst for turning diversity into strength for students today, so they
flourish as tomorrow’s workforce.

The Idea

Creativity is not limited to arts. Art is not limited to creative content. It’s time to take game-based learning to the next level! 


There are 2.5 billion gamers in the world, with 75% of families reporting to have at least one gamer in their household. Those numbers are only increasing!


At the same time, educators and school leaders are looking for ways to reach disengaged students with purposeful (and fun!) learning opportunities.

Esports represents a unique opportunity to tie your learners’ passion for play to educational outcomes


The idea is to create a one day workshop for high school Counsellors and Principals to educate them about different careers and opportunities in Esports and E-gaming.

Beyond the inherent link between video games and STEM careers, like software development and game design, studies show that gaming and Esports are associated with higher STEM identity for high school students, better focus and attention to regularity, increased persistence, relationship-building, and greater satisfaction in the classroom. As a result, many school districts are launching their own competitive gaming programs, and more than 200 higher education institutions already offer Esports scholarships.

 That’s why we’re creating a new opportunity for educators who want to capture the excitement of Esports in the classroom. The one day workshop will take place during the RAK SCHOOLS CONFERENCE at American University RAK  to introduces educators to the principles of scholastic Esports. The goal of the workshop is to empower schools to deliver inclusive and impactful programming with deep ties to curriculum and skill development.

By the end of the program, High School’s Principals and Counsellors will have the key to implementing an Esports program at their school. Here’s what you can expect from the program:

  • Learn the role and benefits of Esports in education
  • Learn to establish an Esports club in a learning community
  • Gain the knowledge and confidence to lead your own Esports program, tied to learning outcomes and future-ready skills for students.
  • Get certified as a global Esports education leader and join a networked international community


Ronit Ghose

Jan Horn

Lucy Chow

Ghanim Al Falasi

Denny Punnoose

Zain Masri

Omnia Saleh