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StudentsEra I2A Program

Now is the time for the youth to innovate and pave the way with their initiative. While many students have great ideas, having the right ideas is key to bring your dreams to fruition.

StudentsEra Incubate to Accelerate (I2A) is a seed-stage tech campus incubator for any UAE-based university student that has an enterprising idea in tech. The goal of the program is to develop their entrepreneurial idea into a polished business structure and provide them with the necessary resources and support to flourish.

Our goal is finding awesome, entrepreneurial students and helping them grow & refine their business .

  • Participants will go through a three-month long incubation with StudentsEra, building a MVP that will be used to either
    join a business accelerator
  • Raise funding through Demo Day at the conclusion

During the program, the selected students will work alongside the StudentsEra team with everything from finding product-market fit, defining a target consumer basis to getting first validation for the company. StudentsEra is also instrumental in helping companies prepare for fundraising as well as investor meetings.

How To Apply

  1. Submit your idea with the application form here.
  2. Participants will be shortlisted and contacted.
  3. The selected participants will pitch their ideas on virtually by June.
  4. After reviewing the ideas and their pitches, the selected projects will begin the incubation stage from by mid of June to August 2021.
  5. The 3-month long incubation stage includes strategy, development assistance, and networking, concluding in a demo day in front of industry leaders, held during August 2023.
  6. Afterwards, students can start the acceleration program through our partner accelerators.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any university student or group in the UAE with an idea in tech, ready to bring it through the ‘incubator to accelerator’ to market.
To empower students and help connect the youth to resources to bring their tech ideas into fruition.
A 3-month incubation program for innovative students that will allow them to develop their idea and transition into either working with an accelerator or raise funding.
The Incubation Stage begins December to January 2021. The Acceleration Stage begins February 2021 and beyond.
In the incubation stage students design their business model, consult experts, and flesh out their idea. In the acceleration/ fundraising stage students put their idea into fruition and have a fully-fledged working project.

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