In a world of push and pull, finding the balance between consuming and producing is important to a well lived life. Typecasting “consuming” as negative and “producing” as positive isn’t necessarily the right attitude when figuring out your right output level. Effectiveness is very important to being a more productive person. Productivity is all about getting important things done on a consistent basis.

Staying busy and being productive aren’t always synonymous. Being active and taking action aren’t always synonymous either. Finding the ways to put action into being productive is very important. Here’s a list of steps that you can take to move yourself into becoming your more productive self.

  1. Manage your time, not your energy
  2. Work in a comfortable place
  3. Develop a “pre-game” routine
  4. Figure out your best time to get work done
  5. Don’t overwhelm yourself
  6. Form new habits to improve efficiency
  7. Put yourself on a schedule
  8. Write down your daily to-dos