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MSDossary’s Game On is an E-Football interactive competition based on the global gaming console PlayStation 5. The twist is in the game mode, where teams of 2 compete over a 2v2 tag-team concept. This allows players to switch controllers only under the following circumstances

Game Format

  • All matches must be played with 2 participants per team.
  • All matches will be played in 11v11 Kickoff Mode.
  • All matches will be played in Red Bull Arena Leipzig stadium
  • All matches will be 8 mins in total length (max).
  • Players to switch controllers only under the following circumstances
  • A goal is conceded
  • A red card is given
  • Half-time switch
  • 1x free switch (at any point in the game)
  • In a tie/draw situation (Golden Goal concept)
  • Golden Goal tie/draw- penalty shootout (shoot/save and switch)

Game Settings

  • Game speed: Fast (not normal)
  • Shape: Live
  • Game Level: Legendary
  • Duration of each half (Half-Length) 4mins
  • Referee: Random
  • Stadium: RB Leipzig
  • Season: summer
  • Time of day: 8:00 PM
  • Weather Conditions: Clear
  • Turf Wear: Light
  • Ball: Default (or white ball)
  • Speed: Normal
  • Injuries: Off
  • Offside: Enabled
  • Cards: Enabled
  • Handball: Off
  • Single player camera: Telecast
  • Multiplayer Camera: Tele Broadcast
  • Camera Settings: (Telebroadcast) if both teams agree on a certain setting it can be played.
  • User Gameplay Customization: All at 50
  • The responsibility for complying with the aforementioned settings rests with both teams.
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