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A Conversation with a Student Body President

Being a student is tough, being the face of the university is tougher. On Today's episode, we spoke with Kutaiba Osman, the Student Body President of the University of Birmingham, Dubai. Join us as we look into how he helped develop the student life of his university all while developing his career as a marketeer.

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A Conversation with Student Artist

“A picture is worth a thousand words” ~ Albert Einstein. Being immersed into a motion picture is amazing to feel, but imagine creating the piece that screams the prelude. That is the idea that Hibban had before becoming one of the region’s biggest designers for blockbusters movies. Mohammad Hibban famously known as Venomhology on Instagram

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A Conversation With Environment Science Student With A Passion For Sustainability

The global environmental crisis seems simple enough. But many go to the details to purely understand what is wrong and they are the ones leading the battle. It is students like Sameera who make sure we are doing our part in protecting the environment. In this Episode of Studentsera Podcast we spoke to Sameera Khan

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