From December 7th until the 13th, the world will be celebrating a very underappreciated yet vital time; Computer Science Education Week. The event was made in honoration of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, who in the 1960’s coined the term “compiler” as well as “bug,” when she found an actual moth in a computing system she was building.


The week is geared towards students in K-12 and is meant to inform and educate on the wonders of computer science, make it more accessible, and drive home the vitality of computers to the world around us. 


While us in relative wealth have normalized the use in computers around us (even something like the POS system used in restaurants), many in developing parts of the world are uninformed, underexposed and don’t have the tools available to learn and pursue a career in the field.


CSEdWeek is all about information and accessibility. While a future in computer science may seem daunting to some, once the necessary skills are learned, there are a wide variety of career paths that one can pursue; whether it be in the field of coding, application development, media, arts and many others.


With many events being readapted to serve on a digital basis, now is perhaps the best year to be apart of CSEdWeek and participate in the wide variety of interactive experiences available through the platform.


And even if you decide not to, take some time this week to watch a Youtube video on Python, learn about motherboard design or anything that may privy your interest in the wonderful world of computers.


Register your Interest if you want to participate in our computer Science week event.